Excavation and Setting of the first global stone pair

Excavation and Setting of the first global stone pair
DECLARACIONES DE German Wolfgang Von Schwarzenfeld.
American Stones - Love

I filed an application and started the project. South of the Orinoco River I found a red granite boulder to be the first stone for my project. With the help of local people, I started working it in a factory near Caracas. The red quartz granite was shaped, polished and set at an angle of 12°50' towards the North, in Parque Vargas, near the New National Art Gallery at the Parque Central.The second stone, which came from the “Gran Sabana”, a National Park, was granted through a special permit for extraction and a document of donation from the Venezuelans to the Germans. This was signed by high-ranking officials on the 11th of August 1998. It was removed from its valley near the Brazilian border. Six months later, after traveling more than thousand kilometers and with the overcoming of endless obstacles, it finally reached the Orinoco River and was loaded on a ship, to cross the Atlantic to Germany.24th of February 1999: jasper whale stone arriving by truck in front of the Brandenburger Gate (img) On the 24th of February 1999, the second stone, with the name ´Love´, was set in the Tiergarten, .... The stone-setting ceremony was very well attended by high-ranking officials and was covered by television and the press.... After setting the two stones, one in Caracas and one in Berlin, I continued my circumnavigation. [American Stones - Love]

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